¿Are you looking for a missing migrant?

This is the information you must have:

Full name ,Country of nationality, Date of birth, When was the last date and time of contact, What Mexico border state did the migrant cross into the United States, What were the migrant surrounding conditions when you last had contact with the migrant

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Mexicans can communicate with the 24/7 Mexican National Call Center for Information and Assistance to Mexicans (CIAM). 

To call in the United States: 520-623-7847.

To call from Mexico: 001-520-623-7874.

For other nationalities, if you live in the United States you must call your respective consulate office nearest to you. If you live in the country of origen visit the foreign ministry office or International Red Cross office (Look in the next section below) What country is the Missing Migrant from? 

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If you think the person is in immigration custody,  use the ICE Locator tool.

Muro Fronterizo webpage

If you think the migrant has lost his/her life, look for information on The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NAMUS)

If your relative is lost this guide will help you find an answer

You must have the most current information of the missing person, download this document created by American Red Cross.

  • Bellow you will find a map, Where is the missing migrant from? Click on the country where the person you are looking for is from, you will get the information from the embassy of the country and the consulates. Send the document to the consulate office nearest where you think the person crossed into the United States.
  • If the migrant is currently in the desolate border region or is in distress, the most important thing for the migrant is to dial 911, the 911 call will be transferred to the authority that is closest and has the resources to respond. More likely it will be the US Border Patrol, they can assist in organizing a rescue operation. 
  • If you know that the person you are looking for has crossed and you have lost contact with him or her, the consulate of the migrant’s country is the first point of contact.
  • If the person you are looking for was detained by the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and you want to use the ICE locator, you must have the Immigrant Number (A#). You can get that number from your consulate.
  • If the person has been missing for many days and you happen to have a possible last known location, you can contact the non-government organization that volunteert their time to conduct searches for deceased migrants.  You can find this information in the Resources tab.

Where is the missing migrant from?

Click on the country of the person you are looking for and it will take you to the information of the embassy and consulates that you should contact to start a search.